We want to see the Gospel proclaimed and the local church mobilized to carry out God's mission. We are passionate about seeing God move in our community and believe the Gospel is good news for the entire world. Whether helping on Sunday mornings, serving the local community, or supporting ministries around the world, there are numerous ways to get involved and join the effort! Check out a few areas to serve and sign up below!


Connections Team

If you love meeting new people this is the place for you. The Connections Team is passionate about helping people feel loved & welcomed as they come to Mosaic. The Connections Team is here to welcome first-time guests as well as helping people connect more meaningfully into community. If you’re interested in serving on the Connections Team contact us at

Mosaic Kids 

If you have a heart for kids look no further. Within Mosaic Kids you get the opportunity to teach big biblical truths to little hearts. You can love on infants and toddlers, help pre-K kids begin to understand the Bible for the 1st time, or help 5th graders better understand how the Bible impact their lives. Mosaic Kids is a great place to love on children while helping them grow to personally love and know Jesus. If you’re interested in serving in our kids ministry, contact us today at


Slingshot Youth

Do you have a passion for youth? Slingshot is all about helping middle schoolers navigate their ever-changing world with the unchanging truths of the Bible. Slingshot is geared toward 6-8th graders and meets Thursday nights. Slingshot incorporates exciting games, relevant messages, and real discussions which engage with our middle schoolers to foster a meaningful mentor-filled community, and help them learn what it means to follow Christ. If interested in serving middle schoolers in Slingshot contact John at

Worship Team

Can you sing or play an instrument? Our Worship Team is always looking for people who love to display their creative, artistic gifts in leading people to worship God more passionately through music. If you’re interested in hearing more about serving on the worship team contact John at

Hospitality Team

The Hospitality Team is all about helping to create opportunities for people to connect more meaningfully, usually around food. From helping set up our Sunday morning coffee & food table, to organizing brunches or other various events that gets people engaging & connecting more with one another. If you’re interested in serving on the Hospitality Team contact Vivien at

Tech Team

The Tech Team is about using the beauty of technology to help people engage with Jesus. From helping run the soundboard on Sunday mornings, running slides during the service, or helping create fun & engaging videos. If you’re have a passion in any of those areas or more then you’ll love serving on the Tech Team. Although knowing your way around a sound board or a Mac is helpful, all the skills you’ll need to serve on this team can be easily learned. If you’d be interested in serving on the Tech Team contact Tom at


Ypsilanti Community Schools

Even though we live in a county that is one of the wealthiest, most educated counties in the state of Michigan, our schools are some of the most under-resourced, under-performing in the entire state. We believe it’s not only our duty but our privilege to come alongside the students & teachers in this school district to help empower the youth in our community to be all the God created them to be. Mosaic Church is committed to investing 1000 man hours into the YCS district by June 31st. Would you help us make a difference in our community and in the lives of so many youth by serving with us? Contact Shannon at

Have something you’re passionate about not listed here? Don’t worry, we have plenty of ways for you to not only serve in church, but also outside of it. Let’s us know if there is something you’re passionate about and we’ll connect you with the right people to try and make it a reality. Contact us at