Who We Are

God is the Creator of life and all beauty. Yet many of us don't think of creativity, life or beauty when we think of church. We'd like to change that.

In the beginning, God spoke the world into existence; the heavens and the earth, the sun, the moon and stars, the land, the sea, and every living thing. The world was good and beautiful. Humanity was made in God's image to be His representative on earth, but we rebelled and marred the image of God in us. When man sinned, the beautiful picture was shattered. Thankfully, the story does not end there. We are given good news! Through the redemptive work of Jesus Christ, God is putting those pieces back together to form an even more beautiful picture. From the shattered pieces, He is making a mosaic.

As a church, we are also made up of unique and imperfect individuals with complementary strengths and weaknesses. We are broken in many different ways. However, as we unite as one body we complement each other and are strengthened by our diversity. We become beautiful together.

Our Vision

Multiplying passionate pursuers of Jesus Christ, who engage the world with His love.

To see this vision made reality, we commit to be...

Biblically Deep

God has revealed Himself in the man of Jesus Christ and also in the Bible. The Bible is a living book, as relevant today as when it was written. It is a love letter from God to His kids, providing a guide for how we are to live. At Mosaic, we commit to teach the Bible dynamically and to apply it in our own lives, to teach and be teachable.

Others Focused

God has created us to give our lives to others. When we focus on ourselves instead, we become miserable, lonely, and ultimately, spiritual dead. By God’s design, our souls come to life when we follow Christ's example, laying down our lives for God's purpose and other's good. We die to live. At Mosaic, we commit to sacrifice, serve and share.

Intergenerational and Diverse

God has called the church to make disciples of all ages and demographics. An inter-generational church combines the energy and idealism of youth with the wisdom and experience of years. An ethnically diverse church mirrors God's heart for the world, and a socioeconomically diverse church reflects God's heart for the poor and marginalized. We are beautiful together. At Mosaic, we commit to make disciples at any age and from any background.

Team Based

God has made each member of the body essential. Our pastor-elders work as a team to shepherd and to teach, but team ministry doesn't stop there. God has uniquely gifted each of His people for ministry in the local church. We need each other. At Mosaic, we commit to unite as a body with each member fulfilling its essential role.


God has entrusted His mission for the world to the church. The church is not just a local entity; it is also a reproducing movement. God calls Christians individually and corporately to develop fellow Christians into full maturity and to prepare our church to reproduce other churches. At Mosaic, we commit to make disciples who make disciples and to be a church that plants churches.