THE Timothy Project

The Mission

To accelerate the development of future pastors, church planters and lay leaders through robust internship and residency programs.

1 You then, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. 2 And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others.

2 Timothy 2:1-2

The Vision

13 years of your life. It's the minimum expectation in our culture. From age 6 to 18, every American is expected to set aside every other priority in life for education and training. Training for we know not what. But we invest that time, because it's a part of our culture.

In Ann Arbor, we take it to the next level. 4 more years. Then another 2...or 4...or 5...or 9. We believe in setting aside years on end for training. To prepare for our careers and for our lives.

But what about training for the Christian life? What about training for your next 50 years as a disciple of Jesus Christ? Could you imagine setting aside an entire year of your life, or even two years, for intensive training in Bible, theology, character and ministry skills? Could you give that time, to not only be invested in, but to be mobilized outward?

Through the Timothy Project, we're

  • Creating a hothouse environment for spiritual growth

  • Providing seminary-level training in Bible, Theology and Ministry

  • Mobilizing more workers into the harvest field now

  • Building training cohorts to travel the path of discipleship together

  • Accelerating the development of future pastors, leaders and disciples

  • All in the context of the local church, God's chosen instrument to change the world.

Our Current Cohort

The Programs

See below for an overview of all the programs we are forming for leaders to be developed. Have questions or want to apply? We'd love to hear from you! Contact Joseph Hutchinson at

Part Time


Full Time

Open to Men

Open to Women



STANDS FOR Summer Training and Mobilization Program

PURPOSE To expose to Mosaic's core theology and philosophy of ministry, and accelerate personal discipleship through intensive teaching, communal living, and ministry responsibility. Tangible impact today, catalyzing future leadership tomorrow.

IDEAL CANDIDATES College students, recent grads, teachers on break, others with flexible schedules. Anyone interested in relocating to Ann Arbor for a year long internship, who lacks prior relationship with Mosaic.

FUNDING 20-40 hour outside job


PURPOSE Building on STAMP, by adding leadership responsibility over first year interns, ministry areas and outreach programs.

IDEAL CANDIDATES Former interns looking to take next steps.

FUNDING 20-40 hour outside job, Personal Support Raising



PURPOSE A hybrid experience contextualized for the individual, emphasizing exposure to and community with the staff team, and giving support with tasks and projects.

IDEAL CANDIDATES A college student with a light or open semester, a young married or empty nester with extra margin. Anyone with margin, reliability, a servant’s heart, and a willingness to make firm commitments of time over a specific time period.



PURPOSE An intensive time of exposure to ministry, sacrificial service, theological shaping, character refinement, skill development and growth in love for the church. The pastoral track will also typically include opportunities to preach, more shepherding and leadership responsibility, and more personal mentoring from the pastor/elders of Mosaic.

IDEAL CANDIDATES Men who feel called into Pastoral ministry, who have the character and experience and gifting to support that sense of calling (no immediate disqualifiers), and a strong track record of serving within Mosaic.

FUNDING 20-40 hour outside job, Personal Support Raising



PURPOSE An intensive time of exposure to ministry, sacrificial service, theological shaping, character refinement, skill development, and growth in love for the church. The ministry track will emphasize personal follow up, one-on-one shepherding and servant leadership in one or more teams.

IDEAL CANDIDATES Men or women who desire to give a year of their lives to an intensive season of spiritual growth and service. Qualification for support raising will be dependent on proven character, work ethic and service. This is also a place to start for men who feel called to pastoral ministry but have less proven track record or obstacles that need time to sort out.

FUNDING 20-40 hour outside job, Personal Support Raising



PURPOSE Full integration with staff team and substantial integration with elder team, particularly as it relates to candor and openness about the trials and tough decisions of ministry. Substantial leadership, shepherding and preaching responsibility, dependent on gifting.

IDEAL CANDIDATES Former Pastoral Interns who have proven themselves in character, maturity and skill, and who are approaching qualification as elders and/or church planters. Men who have proven themselves as elders in other churches, and as faithful servant leaders at Mosaic.

FUNDING Personal Support Raising, General Fund


PURPOSE Full integration with staff team and substantial management responsibility within one or more ministry teams. Potential for shepherding.

IDEAL CANDIDATES Former Ministry interns who have proven themselves in character, maturity and skill, and are ready for more responsibility and in need of less oversight.

FUNDING 20-40 hour outside job, Personal Support Raising



PURPOSE A Pastoral Residency with a more specific trajectory and a more constrained time line, based on milestones rather than absolute dates. Emphasis on preaching, team-building, evangelism, gathering and exposure to successful church planters and pastors throughout Michigan and across the country. Likely in conjunction with Fellowship Associates and/or Acts 29.

IDEAL CANDIDATES Men who have proven their qualifications as elders, ideally through a Pastoral Residency. Men who likewise demonstrate the gifting, past effectiveness, desire and endurance necessary to plant a new church.

FUNDING Personal Support Raising, General Fund

The Packet

Click here for a downloadable packet describing the Timothy Project.