Pastoral Resident

My story

Hailing from the St. Louis area, my wife Jaime and I grew up in the same rural community in Southern Illinois. We have three children; Gabe, Haley, and Isobel - all avid Cardinal baseball fans. Naturally, we enjoy a fun and friendly rivalry with our Cubbie-loving friends, the Nielsen family.

I grew up in a wonderful hard-working family; the oldest of three. I never knew my mother to not pursue Christ or ever have us far from church. My father was saved in my teen years and has always been my biggest fan and tallest hero.

The awareness of my need for Jesus set in early. When I was ten, like so many Southern Baptist churches of the time, our family’s church hosted a revival. The unapologetic message of the visiting pastor, the compelling stories of the missionary couple, and the nightly worship opened the floodgates. My young heart was broken. Albeit not too troubled at ten, yet a sinner nonetheless, I began this walk with my Jesus. By my teen years, the tug on my heart to do something more, bigger, and sacrificial was clear - still, I kept God at an arm’s length.

I spent the next twenty years toying with obedience. The inner turmoil was constant. Then, with no energy left, I yielded. God has since worked out the details (with no help from me) and allowed our family to be placed where we have an opportunity to serve in a full-time capacity. Our family takes life one faithful day at a time as we continue to grow, love, and serve together.

We moved our family to Michigan in early 2012 to allow Jaime to oversee the opening of the TownePlace Suites® at Briarwood Mall where she is General Manager. While researching the move, I learned of Mosaic and was drawn to the bold gospel-centered teaching and disciple-making emphasis. We've been here since!

Currently, I am a Pastoral Resident at Mosaic, serve as Director of Communications, and am a Community Group leader coach. Here, I have been able to put to good use the talents, entrepreneurial spirit, and experience gained from a nearly two-decade long tenure as senior creative at my design firm which I sold in 2010. With my studies divided between Webster and Southern Illinois Universities, I had no real college allegiance. So, upon my mitten arrival, I quickly adopted the beloved Block M.

Hopes for Mosaic

My hope and prayer for Mosaic is that we would, as a family of believers, press forward with unity in genuine devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ. I long for our church to be a diverse body that would lovingly draw outsiders in and challenge those within to come down off our “fences” to honestly wrestle with what it means to walk this narrow path. My desire is that Mosaic would become increasingly effective in leveraging our position in our unique community to be an influential sending station for future leaders and church planters.

Why Mosaic?

Being accustomed to having both of our families nearby in St. Louis, we knew it would be very important to find a Bible-teaching church family that would encourage our spiritual growth and do daily life with us. After much consideration and listening to most of Mosaic's online content, we decided to visit. We were met with an exceptionally warm welcome and very helpful volunteers. The kids seemed to enjoy Pathfinders right away and worship was wonderful. We were home. I’m confident that God brought us here during this life-changing season. Mosaic was and is an answered prayer.

Favorite book of the Bible

Currently, James but spending a lot of time in John.

Favorite book outside the Bible

I have two – Tim Keller’s Counterfeit Gods for identifying major idols in my life. And, Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas for helping me reevaluate my understanding of marriage and God's purpose for it.

Favorite local activity

We've enjoyed kayaking on the Huron River as a family and hope to again soon.

Favorite local restaurant

I'm in a BBQ stalemate between Red Rock in Ypsi and Smokehouse 52 in Saline. However, a simple McD’s bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit will make my day.

Favorite teams

You can take the boy out of St. Louis but you can’t take the St. Louis out of the boy. I’m a life-long St. Louis Cardinal fan. Occasionally, you may hear me shout “Go Blues!” – not to be confused with the Ann Arbor standard “GO BLUE!”.