Executive Pastor

My story

I've grown up across the state of Michigan, moving eastward as I've gotten older. Although I was born in Minneapolis, we moved to Portage, Michigan (near Kalamazoo) when I was about 5 years old. I grew up nominally Lutheran, going to Sunday School and even being confirmed, but my life was not centered on the Gospel of Jesus or integrated with the local church. My life was siloed. I had the building blocks of faith, but I didn't see how they fit together into my everyday life. As a result, I didn't see the need to commit all the areas of my life to Jesus.

I went to Michigan State for college and drifted further away from Jesus. This drift continued for a few years after graduating when I moved to metro Detroit to start a career in finance. It was at this point that God started to bring me back to Himself. Through His Word He caused conviction in my heart that my life was hollow; that even though I was "successful" on the outside, I was empty and unfulfilled on the inside. All this coincided with me starting to attend Oak Pointe Church in Novi, MI. Hearing God's Word preached week after week and being in a community that was genuinely trying to follow Jesus was now very compelling to me. The building blocks of faith began to come together. In February 2009, now understanding my need and desire to commit all areas of my life to Jesus, I was baptized.

Since Mosaic was planted with the help of Oak Pointe in the fall of 2009, my faith has continued to deepen. Through God's grace and provision I've transitioned from a layperson, to a full-time Pastoral Intern, then Pastoral Resident and now Executive Pastor. I'm eager to see what God has in store for Mosaic in the coming years. How we can spread His Gospel and impact the communities surrounding us.

Hopes for Mosaic

We'd be a local body of believers who passionately pursue Jesus. That through our faith in Him, our faith in His Word, and our love for one another, we'd be an attractive light to our surrounding community.

Why Mosaic?

I was at a meeting to become a member of another church when I was recruited by our current Lead Pastor for what would become Mosaic! The church I was becoming a member at was Oak Pointe Church, who helped plant Mosaic :) I have come to appreciate our Biblical focus and our commitment to reproducing through discipleship.

Favorite book of the Bible

Acts - The story of the early church that extends to today.

Favorite book outside the Bible

"The Cost of Discipleship" by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, “Knowing Christ” by Alister McGrath, “Spiritual Leadership” by Oswald Sanders, “Amusing Ourselves to Death” by Neil Postman

Favorite local activity

Patron local breweries.

Favorite local restaurant

Tower Inn (Ypsilanti)

Favorite teams

Michigan State Spartans, Minnesota Vikings


I'm married to the most amazing woman, Nellie. After initially meeting at Mosaic, and then dating for about a year, we were married in 2011 at her childhood home in South Lyon, Michigan. God has blessed us with our son Stanley (April 2015) and daughter Annabelle (September 2016).