My story

I never know where to say I am from, since I moved around several times as a kid. I eventually landed in Michigan in high school and studied History at the University of Michigan. While I became a Christian as a young girl, I grew so much in my faith while being a part of the Cru movement at U of M.

My husband and I have lived in the area since graduating and were members of Oak Pointe Church in Novi when we found out OPC would soon be planting a church in Ann Arbor. Our family has been with Mosaic ever since!

I have been greeting visitors at our welcome table since the first week we launched and now serve as the Connections team lead. I love helping people feel welcomed and find connections within our church - whether to an upcoming event, a community group that meets down the road, or maybe an opportunity to use your unique skills to serve.

Hopes for Mosaic

It is my hope that everyone who visits Mosaic will be truly seen, receive a warm welcome and meet authentic people who genuinely care to know who they are. I hope visitors find a church that feels like a family where they can live, grow and serve alongside one another. 

Why Mosaic?

We love to be a part of a church that isn't just about Sunday morning. We have a church that loves and cares for our family and the community we live in.

Favorite book of the Bible


Favorite book outside the Bible

Pride and Prejudice. Is it okay to pick something not written by Piper?

Favorite local activity

Walking around town, seeing what has changed over the last week or so.

Favorite local restaurant

Pizza House, Paesano’s and required by law to say Zingerman’s.

Favorite teams

U of M