Here at Mosaic, we believe that God designed us to live in community with one another for the purpose of growing our love for God, each other, our neighbors, our community, and the world. The main way we want to foster biblical community that helps us grow and mature as disciples of Jesus Christ is through groups we call Missional Communities (MC). We see these communities as tiny expressions of the church seeking to live on mission together, reaching people not yet following Jesus, and passionately pursing Jesus together.

Generally these groups are shaped by 4 identities that flow out of the gospel:


The gospel not only brings you into a relationship with God, it also brings you into a relationship with God's people, the church. We desire to see each of our groups function like one big blended family that loves each other, does life with one another, and has fun together.


Jesus said he came "not to be served, but to serve" (Mark 10:45) and we want our groups to filled with people seeking to serve one another, as well as those in need in our community. The gospel compels us to love others more than ourselves and to take on the identity of a servant.


Jesus told his disciples to "Go and make disciples of all nations" (Matt. 29:18-20) embarking them on a mission that would transform the world. And we believe Jesus has given us the very same mission. Our groups are driven by an outward focus that seeks to reach those around us who aren't yet passionately pursuing Jesus. We desire our groups to be a community of missionaries seeking to engage the people & places God puts on their hearts.


We follow Jesus for the purpose of becoming like him, that's what it means to be a disciple. And what better way to become like Jesus than being surrounded by other people who are also trying to become like him. Jesus calls his disciples to be with him before sending them out on mission (Mark 3:14). "Being" precedes "doing" and we want our groups to be places where we remind one another of the gospel as we pursue Jesus together. 

These groups typically meet weekly, often over a meal to get to know one another, study the Bible together, and pray for each other, our church, and our community. Over time, these groups grow to become a gathering of friends functioning as family. (Acts 2:44, 46-7)

Also, we are always excited to welcome others – we don’t believe in closed community. As groups grow, they may multiply to help make room for others and to continue reaching others with the gospel. We have groups in many zip codes that are diverse and intergenerational. We'd love for you to check one out!



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