At Mosaic, we love college students!  And we want to invite you, not just into a college community, but into the breadth and depth and beauty of an age-diverse church.

We believe God has called and commissioned his church to make disciples of all people, regardless of age or demographic. More than that, He has uniquely gifted the church for this task. In the church, the college sophomore sees what it means to be godly wife, mother, and businesswoman. In the church, the junior higher learns from the college student, and both learn from the father and grandfather.

If the church is to impact this culture, it must impact the universities. The individuals who will most greatly impact their generation, whether for better or for worse, will make some of their most significant life choices during those four years. But, by God's design, none of that happens in isolation.

An age-diverse church combines the energy and idealism of youth and the wisdom and experience of years. Just as the pieces of a mosaic need each other to form a beautiful picture, we need both the campus and the community to maximize our impact for Christ.

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